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 by James Jurdi

Los Angeles is riddled with real estate agents, but few, if any, possess Faye Bogari's impeccable skill set, deep knowledge of the market, and, last but not least, her unwavering commitment to her clients. Having worked in the business for over 20 years, Faye has an astute understanding of the ever changing L.A. property market and all its various nuances. Transacting in countless sales, leases, and rentals all over town, Faye knows how to find a deal that is both within her clients' budget but at the same time satisfies both their immediate and long term needs. In tandem with her never-ending broker negotiations, Faye recently embarked on the massive undertaking of purchasing and fully renovating a luxury Los Feliz property, which she is now leasing and already has on the market to sell. Such an endeavor could have only been achieved so effortlessly by someone with true knowledge of the property business in all its facets, and Faye took the challenge on with flying colors. But beyond what she brings to the table as a professional, Faye is also an incredibly kind, gracious, energetic, and compassionate individual who genuinely cares about her clients, many of whom have become her close friends. She never cuts a deal that's only in her interest; it's always about serving the needs of her clients first. That's why she's been in the business for so long, that's why everyone keeps coming back to her with their real estate needs, and that's why she's simply the best.

 by Hassan Shawaf

Of all the realtors I've worked with over the years, I must say that Faye Bogari is one that I remember the most fondly. That has to do with the fact that she is extremely persistent, diligent, and likable, but it also has to do with how difficult the deal we were pulling off was. Attempting to procure and remodel an embassy space used for diplomatic relations is no easy feat. It required patience, carefully strategized negotiations, and a lot of back and forth between the two parties on opposing sides of the deal. Faye rose to the challenge in every department and delivered a smooth, seamless, and very effective close to what was an extremely complicated undertaking. Best of all, she did all this with a smile, maintaining good nature and positive energy throughout.

 by Josh Swartz

I have been Faye's tenant for the last 2 years. By tenant, I mean to say that I have been residing in what has been voted as the best completed modern home in California, which Faye is not just owner of but also developer, designer, and stager. Not only is the property equipped with state of the art technology from cellar to ceiling, but it also has endless entertainment options, including a very unique roof top mini golf course that my kids love. Since moving in, I have been extremely satisfied and happy with not just the house and its various amenities but also with Faye's professional 5 star concierge services. What's refreshing about Faye is that she truly makes everything easy. No request or issue is a problem for her; she always does her best to make her clients feel comforted, and in my case, truly at home.

 by Edwin Rodriguez

Early in 2020, my brother passed away in his condo in Los Angeles. I was appointed the Executor of his Estate by the LA Probate Court. Herein lies the dilemma, as I reside on the East Coast! Having received a strong recommendation to engage Faye Bogari from an impeccable source, I did just that!

My dilemma was further complicated by the following: 1) The condo was in a very distressed condition and had to be totally cleaned out; and 2) two old vehicles plus a motorbike were in his garage and had to be removed. The ignition key to one of the vehicles could not be located.

Faye took immediate command of the situation! Having to initially await the approval from the court, some five months after the date of death, she immediately and in a very strategic fashion, sought prospective buyers willing to purchase the unit in "AS IS" condition and for ALL CASH! Shortly thereafter, six prospects emerged and thus began the process! An initial prospect turned out to be a "flipper" and we promptly concluded that effort. Next was a real solid buyer and in a matter of days we were in Escrow! Faye's Escrow Agent was an extraordinary team of professionals working promptly and diligently, providing timely and meticulous paperwork. Within approximately two months after the court approval, the property was sold---ALL CASH! I never had to travel to LA to deal with this matter.

I would unequivocally endorse Faye Bogari's honesty, integrity and professionalism and highly recommend her to anyone with real estate needs